Monday, July 21, 2008

Big Red

I love my Kitchenaid. I had coveted this one for years and finally was able to purchase one. The sad thing is, while she looks pretty sitting on my counter, she's sadly underutilized.

Why? Is it because I don't have the time? Is it because I'm a terrible baker? Is it because I need good recipes? Nope, its body image. Isn't it terrible when women feel like they can't bake because baked goods are bad for you? I've come to realize that no matter what food I eat, I have guilt. Instead of looking at food as nourishment and nutrients and the gift that it is, I look at every piece of food as a potential enemy...a wiley coyote there to tempt me only to result in making me fat.

Its an unhealthy attitude to say the least. Food is a life giver. Food should be revered. Instead it is shunned. If we were in another society apart from America, I believe our attitudes would be different. People are actually starving to death. They are literally dying from lack of food. Food to them would be a life saver. It would be something they would be incredibly thankful for. Something they would look at as a gift from the gods. Perhaps that is how I should look at it. So maybe Big Red needs to be revered too. Maybe I should use her today and make some incredibly delicious muffin or cake. And when I sit down to eat these wonderful gifts I can thank Big Red and the gods for providing me with such abundance and nourishment!
So thank you Big Red, you are curvy and beautiful...just like me!

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