Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Hippie

I made another scent of Bath Taffy (solid bubble bath) last week. I call it "Happy Hippie" because its got just enough patchouli essential oil to take you into that hippie haze you get when around those patchouli-loving free spirits. I think I'll dedicate it to my friend Susan who wafts the scent of patchouli wherever she goes. She now lives in just outside Taos with her 3 kids after a bold move a few years ago from the lap of luxury in Riverside, Missouri to a 500 square foot "cabin" on 5 acres with 360 views of the mountains.
This cabin is made of recycled materials including wine bottles and straw bale and cement and is "off the grid." She really wanted to embrace sustainable living and reduce her footprint to a bare minimum light step. She lives using collected rainwater, a makeshift shower using a large hanging bag, a woodstove for heat and an outhouse. She does have a propane stove and a few other amenities as of late as I think she may be slowly re-entering the earth's atmosphere.

At any rate, this is a lifestyle I can admire from afar as a bold move that was right for her at the time. I really salut her fortitude in choosing to live like this. So Susan, I dedicate the Happy Hippie Bath Taffy to you. Now...take a bath! ;)

Read more about Susan's life in New Mexico here...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Moody Girl's Newest Product! Bath Taffy(tm)!! Solid Bubble Bath!

Bath TaffyTM! I've just introduced a new product in the Moody Girl Aromatherapy line, Bath TaffyTM! I've been working on this one for quite a while now and I have finally got it perfected. This is similar to a bath fizzy but instead of just fizzies, it creates a ton of bubbles for a bubble bath experience. I'm really excited and all bubbly about this product! (ok, bad pun intended.)

Here's the official blurb:
"Luxuriate in the voluminous bubbles with this unique solid bubble Bath TaffyTM. Bath TaffyTM is made with ingredients designed to be mild and gentle to the skin and is infused with essential and fragrant oils for a smellerific experience! Get bubbly with it!"

And yes, I'm aware "smellerific" is probably not in the dictionary, but hey, neither was ginormous and it made it in!

Right now Moody Girl Aromatherapy Bath TaffyTM comes in 4 scents with new scents to come!

::::Orange Ginger:::Reminiscent of fresh peeled oranges paired with the warm spicy snap of ginger.The sunny and refreshing orange essential oil along with the warming, strengthening, and anchoring properties of ginger enhance this blend to bring you good vibes.
:::Lavender Mint:::Rich, flowery lavender combined with the zing of fresh mint. A soothing and calming and uplifting blend of lavender and mint essential oils.
:::Cherry Blossom:::This fragrant blend is both flowery and fruity. Great for those days when you’re feeling in the pink!
:::Portland Rain:::A nice refreshing fragrant blend reminiscent of misty rain in the Pacific Northwest forests.

You can find them online at Moody Girl Aromatherapy. Yes, shameless self promotion. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Apples at Last!

We finally got to go apple picking. It was such a nice, cool and misty day on Saturday that we just couldn't resist being among the first of the season to go. We headed out to Vaughn Orchards in Weston, Missouri on the first day they opened the orchards to public picking. The trees were heaving with ripe apples this year. This is such a nice sight to see, especially since just last year these same trees were sadly barren due to a late spring freeze.
I think the trees made up for lost time. After such a long rest, they must have produced double this year. They had Jonathan's and Golden Delicious to choose from.

The small bags they handed us were deceiving. We ended up with about 20 lbs of apples! That's alot of pie. But, they cost about 1/3 of what they would cost in the grocery store and the view is just so much more appealing.

Not to mention the friendly folk we met along the way.

Now if you're looking for the apple pie at the end. There was one. The photographer ( didn't have time to take any photos of that since I was taking the pie to dinner at my folks house. And frankly, the pie didn't stick around long enough. But trust me, it was GOOOOOOD. If you've never tasted apples fresh from a tree before, you don't know what you're missing.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Etsy is Amazing

I continue to be amazed at the really cool things you can buy on Etsy. Here are a few of my favorites.....

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade