Friday, October 31, 2008

Dia de los Muertos

I am fascinated and strangely drawn to the Dia de los Muertos images. I bought several things while in Mexico and even would like to visit Mexico one day during this very mystical time. Here are some cool images from Etsy shop

Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!

Little Black Box

I used to love grab bags as a kid. There's nothing like the allure of a mysterious gift all packaged up in a plain wrapper. I even love grab bags as an adult. I bought a grab bag at Natural Wear one day for maybe $5 expecting a little trinket. What I got instead was a gorgeous sterling silver and garnet pendant! I wasn't so lucky when I tried again but there you go. Its all about the mystery and its just plain fun to open a package not knowing what's inside (unless you work for the Dublin Bomb Squad.)

If you haven't heard of The Little Black Box then you're missing the Grand Daddy of all grab Indie artists and crafters, bath and body care makers, jewelers and soapmakers for example send in samples to be put in the boxes. As a buyer, you pay for the box (which is currently $19 including shipping) and you get a nice little black bag full of mystery goodies. Its a pretty cool way to sample some Inidie sellers' wares and satisfy the little kid in you who gets to open a mystery gift! I'm thinking these items may make some great stocking stuffers too....IF I decide to share that is.

You can get one too! ---

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Friends in High Places

I have always thought myself fairly computer literate but when it comes to making doo-hickeys and doo-dads for web pages, I'm clueless. That's why I'm so thankful to my friend Meg who is able to whip things up for me in the amount of time it takes me to put on my makeup. I was in need of a banner for website ads and she was able to deliver a really fun animated one (that means its got movin' pitchers.) Thanks Meg! I owe you some Moody Scrub or some more Bath Taffy. (She's also my tester bunny when I bring out a new product.)

Thanks for everything Meg!
If you need anything done for your web page, I'm sure Meg can deliver for a small fee. You can check her out at:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thy Knight In Shining Armor, Milady?

My daughter and two of her friends and I headed out the the Kansas City area Renaissance Festival last weekend. The weather was absolutely amazing so it really made for a perfect day. Two of the girls, including my daughter, dressed up in costume. We were determined to get into it. Its really much more fun if you just let your guard down and interact with the "townspeople." I think this is also a good way to go through life in general. How many times do we wander through life just reacting and not really experiencing the moment? Kids know how to do that. We were once kids, we should remember how its done.

And to remember to face our fears head on....

And as my friend Leonardo was saying...a smile can tell alot about a "lady." So why not carry one.As for me....
I was just having trouble deciding which Knight in shining armor suited me best.
The chivalrous one riding in on his trusty steed....
Or the mysterious, moody one I kept seeing lurking everywhere?

Probably neither. Oh all the dirt and polishing that armour doesn't look like much fun anyway.

Next year the girls want to come back as fairies.
What a welcome little step outside of reality it all was.

Blogs and Giveaways

I have to say, its really nice when someone out of the blue likes my products so much they want to write about them. Here's the third blog on my Moody Girl Aromatherapy products. It has a giveaway in it too so be sure to comment on their blog if you want in on the action.

I promise to post something soon that isn't just talking about my products. Oy vay, that must get old. "I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I wanna talk about number one oh my me mine, what I think, what I like, what I know, what I see....I like talkin' bout you you you you usually....but occasionally, I wanna talk about me! Wanna talk about meeeeeeeeeeeeee." That's a song. I swear I didn't make that up.

Me are the other blogs guessed!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Days You Just Need a Warm Fuzzy

  • Daughter's Health Issues
  • Father's Heart Surgeries
  • Car accidents
  • Make that TWO car accidents less than 30 days
  • $185 grocery store trip
  • New Spreadsheets to learn at work

These are the things that life sometimes hands you. Sometimes its all at once and sometimes its just doled out in a steady stream. Either way as my mother so eloquently stated yesterday, "sh*t happens." I know that one should always look for the positives in things, and I do but sometimes when sh*t happens its the random warm fuzzies that just make us say, phew, I can deal. The positive things are...everything is OK with my daughter's health now that we found the right doc, my dad came out of surgery just fine, the first car accident-we walked away with a totaled car but not even a scratch on us, the second car accident was a minor bump that reminded me to pay attention and stay in the "now" moment, I paid for the groceries just fine and we have healthy food to eat, the spreadsheets....ugh, I can handle them but they aren't gonna be fun.

This week I've had two random people I don't even know contact me about featuring my products in their blogs and to them I am grateful. These are the warm fuzzies that keep us going. Thanks guys!

Here's one of the blog posts. The other has yet to be written but its coming.

And to return the warm fuzzy, check out her Etsy shop.