Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thy Knight In Shining Armor, Milady?

My daughter and two of her friends and I headed out the the Kansas City area Renaissance Festival last weekend. The weather was absolutely amazing so it really made for a perfect day. Two of the girls, including my daughter, dressed up in costume. We were determined to get into it. Its really much more fun if you just let your guard down and interact with the "townspeople." I think this is also a good way to go through life in general. How many times do we wander through life just reacting and not really experiencing the moment? Kids know how to do that. We were once kids, we should remember how its done.

And to remember to face our fears head on....

And as my friend Leonardo was saying...a smile can tell alot about a "lady." So why not carry one.As for me....
I was just having trouble deciding which Knight in shining armor suited me best.
The chivalrous one riding in on his trusty steed....
Or the mysterious, moody one I kept seeing lurking everywhere?

Probably neither. Oh all the dirt and polishing that armour doesn't look like much fun anyway.

Next year the girls want to come back as fairies.
What a welcome little step outside of reality it all was.

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