Friday, October 31, 2008

Little Black Box

I used to love grab bags as a kid. There's nothing like the allure of a mysterious gift all packaged up in a plain wrapper. I even love grab bags as an adult. I bought a grab bag at Natural Wear one day for maybe $5 expecting a little trinket. What I got instead was a gorgeous sterling silver and garnet pendant! I wasn't so lucky when I tried again but there you go. Its all about the mystery and its just plain fun to open a package not knowing what's inside (unless you work for the Dublin Bomb Squad.)

If you haven't heard of The Little Black Box then you're missing the Grand Daddy of all grab Indie artists and crafters, bath and body care makers, jewelers and soapmakers for example send in samples to be put in the boxes. As a buyer, you pay for the box (which is currently $19 including shipping) and you get a nice little black bag full of mystery goodies. Its a pretty cool way to sample some Inidie sellers' wares and satisfy the little kid in you who gets to open a mystery gift! I'm thinking these items may make some great stocking stuffers too....IF I decide to share that is.

You can get one too! ---

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Cozy said...

I have wondered about little black box. It is nice to hear a good opinion of it.

I just discovered in your profile we are both Geminis and I was born in Kansas. Don't know if that info means anything. Just thought I would share.