Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Days You Just Need a Warm Fuzzy

  • Daughter's Health Issues
  • Father's Heart Surgeries
  • Car accidents
  • Make that TWO car accidents less than 30 days
  • $185 grocery store trip
  • New Spreadsheets to learn at work

These are the things that life sometimes hands you. Sometimes its all at once and sometimes its just doled out in a steady stream. Either way as my mother so eloquently stated yesterday, "sh*t happens." I know that one should always look for the positives in things, and I do but sometimes when sh*t happens its the random warm fuzzies that just make us say, phew, I can deal. The positive things are...everything is OK with my daughter's health now that we found the right doc, my dad came out of surgery just fine, the first car accident-we walked away with a totaled car but not even a scratch on us, the second car accident was a minor bump that reminded me to pay attention and stay in the "now" moment, I paid for the groceries just fine and we have healthy food to eat, the spreadsheets....ugh, I can handle them but they aren't gonna be fun.

This week I've had two random people I don't even know contact me about featuring my products in their blogs and to them I am grateful. These are the warm fuzzies that keep us going. Thanks guys!

Here's one of the blog posts. The other has yet to be written but its coming.

And to return the warm fuzzy, check out her Etsy shop.

1 comment:

Kim D of At Sea Level said...

Your so welcome doll!
I'm so happy to hear I could provide a warm fuzzy moment!

But again, I confess, it was your shop that gave me the Calm Fuzzies
during a stress to the Maxxx Kinda Day.

I guess its a Sh-dot-dot-Y Kinda week for us all! Yay for Fuzzies!

You will be in my thoughts all this week! I hope things smooth out by the weekend!

Peace Love and Calm Seas,
- Ms Kim from At Sea Level