Friday, July 31, 2009

Austin is HOT!

Oh boy, Austin is boiling away down there. Its been over 100 degrees for at least the past month with no relief in sight. So why do I want to move there? Normally I'd be able to say, "Kansas City is just as hot with nothing to do to boot" but its been unseasonably cool this summer with temps in the mid 70's-80's for a good long time. Last night it got down to 58 degrees. This is unheard of for late July. Is Mother Nature testing me?

I read where Lake Travis is so low that they are discovering cars that have been missing since 1988. There was even a prehistoric skeleton discovered that dates to almost 2000 years old. I kid you not. I'm waiting for the breaking news story, "Jimmy Hoffa Discovered at the Bottom of Lake Travis!"

Oh well, test away all ye of little faith. I DO want to move to Austin. God awful heat waves can't keep me away. After all, they have AC there.


Magpie said...

Oi vey, THAT is hot... :) I'm getting spoiled by all the nice weather we've had lately.

Allison said...
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