Sunday, September 20, 2009

Austin or Bust

Its happened! I've signed a contract for the sale of my home and I'm Austin bound. The first people to see the house after the refinished floors and new staging furniture put in a contract. So HGTV viewers, its not just all hype, it actually works. Or maybe it was just coincidence. Who knows. What I do know is, I've got a contract and I'm a happy girl.

This home sale business has been an interesting exercise in sanity. Its not easy to have people traipsing through your house, quite invited I might add, to judge and determine if they might deign to live here. Its not a perfect house by any means. I'm sure it was quite hastily build in 1954 as most of the houses in that era were. Its got its good points and its bad points. Its been neglected here and there and spruced up in other places. Its colorful at least. Perhaps like lipstick on a pig but she's my pig dagnabit. (Which I will quite happily part with for the right price...sign on the dotted line, sir.)

So inspections are this week sometime and that will be the telltale sign. Some guy, or gal lest I be sexist, will come here and check out my lipsticked pig with a fine tooth comb and surely unearth any number of things that could be wrong. That's their job. They need to point out all of the negatives or what is the buyer paying $400 for. I'm prepared to make some fixes. I want this sale to close.

So wish me luck and tell me my pig is pretty and you'll have a place to stay in Austin anytime.

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