Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why Are You a Moody Girl?

People often ask me why I named my company "Moody Girl Aromatherapy." Well, I should say, everyone but my family and close friends. Yes, I'm a gemini so I can be a bit of a moody girl. I sort of think of it as a compliment though. If you aint moody, you aint living. To me, moody isn't just an ill tempered mood, its ALL moods.

The real reason behind the name is really a play on the term "Moody Girl" but moreover the fact that scents can really have a mood altering affect in your brain. In fact, the term "aromatherapy" means just that.

a⋅ro⋅ma⋅ther⋅a⋅py  /əˌroʊməˈθɛrəpi/ Pronunciation [uh-roh-muh-ther-uh-pee] –noun
1. the use of fragrances to affect or alter a person's mood or behavior.

So you see, while I have been labled moody oh, once or twice in my life, it doesn't mean I'm an ill-tempered crabby girl given to violent mood swings. ;) It means simply that I make smell-good stuff to alter moods. (Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro: you are banned from commenting on this blog)

So.....here's to hoping you all have a moody day!

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